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When a person commits murder in warm/cold blood, it is likely that the Night Mother has been watching from the shadows.

The next time the murderer sleeps in a location deemed to be secure, a Speaker will approach the murderer and ask them to join the Dark Brotherhood, and if the offer is accepted, the murderer will then be given a specific target to kill.

A member undertaking the Ritual of Purification is not beholden to any of the Five Tenets, and may violate any of the Tenets without invoking the Wrath of Sithis.

This may apply to members holding the ranks of Silencer or above.

His bride is the Night Mother who serves as grandmistress of the Dark Brotherhood.

Whenever a member breaks one of the five tenets of the Dark Brotherhood, a spirit called the Wrath of Sithis will attack that person in his or her sleep.

The Dark Brother or Sister must defeat this ghost in order to gain re-admission into the Dark Brotherhood.

It is unknown whether this spirit is actually from or related to Sithis, or if it is merely a tool used by the Brotherhood to keep members in line.

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The first time the Hero of Kvatch kills any innocent (non quest related or hostile) NPC, a message will be displayed stating that "Your killing has been observed by forces unknown..." The next time The Hero of Kvatch sleeps in a safe place, Lucien Lachance, a Speaker for the Black Hand, will visit them and give the quest A Knife in the Dark as well as the Blade of Woe.

Once this murder has been carried out, another letter is dispatched requesting the secret murder (i.e.

a murder which is untraceable) of another specific person.

Secondly, when an Argonian from Black Marsh is born under the sign of the Shadow, he/she is trained by an order known as the "Shadowscales", and pending the end of their training, transferred to the Dark Brotherhood.

Additionally, the Dark Brotherhood has been known to recruit through proxy.

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