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CBC Radio One is the English-language news and information radio network of the publicly owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

It is commercial-free and offers local and national programming.

The stations, located in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, broadcast a monoaural FM signal. The stations were linked by CN/CP Telecommunications via land-line and microwave.

This service was discontinued in 1962, but resumed in 1964 in stereo.

Each station also has a significant number of rebroadcasters in smaller communities within its service area; those are listed in each primary station's article.

Most schedules include hourly news readings that run from 6–12 minutes on the top of the hour except for major programming like the 6 p.m. Some mid-day programs include only brief 90-second "information updates".

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, CBC Radio increased its current affairs and documentary content with an initiative known as the "Radio Revolution", using more ambitious, live coverage of news and current affairs including listeners as well as experts.

The change began with national shows such as As It Happens.

Until 1995, the network signed off the air between 1 a.m. daily – in that year, it launched an overnight program, CBC Radio Overnight, which airs international news and documentary programs.Until 1958, the CBC was a broadcaster, and the principal broadcast regulator in Canada.It used this dual role to take most of Canada's clear-channel frequencies on the AM dial.In 1962, the Dominion Network was dissolved and within a few years CJBC became a French-language station broadcasting the programming of Radio-Canada.In 1960, the CBC began running distinct programming on its three existing FM English-language stations, which had been providing simulcasts of programming on its AM stations.

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