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In other words, when the fictional world within the film is exclusively under Black control and influence, as was the case with NOTHIN’ BUT A MAN, many Whites snuck out during the screening, if they dared go see it at all.The effects of such a Racial Empathy Gap may not negatively influence all Whites when they are viewing a Black film as was evidenced by those Whites who stayed through the entire screening, but it would seem to have had a strong negative influence upon a large number of Whites who had attended the event.We don’t sneak out of the Tom Cruise movie when the lights go down.Returning to the research on the Racial Empathy Gap- the researchers at the University of Milano-Bicocca found that some Blacks lacked empathy for those of their own race and their findings suggest that class and social status- which is inextricably tied to race in this country can have an inhibiting effect with regards to empathy.To get to the short explanation of this loaded assertion I have to narrowly define what I mean by “Black” movies.Black movies are those films with a majority Black cast that situate Whites, if any, in peripheral or non-influential roles.

Now that I’ve established this narrow definition we can explore a brief series of questions beginning with the assertion that is the title of this piece. A vast majority of White people don’t like Black movies because they lack the empathy necessary to identify with Black characters which in turn affects their ability to “suspend disbelief” and surrender to the narrative of a Black film.All we have to do is support these films with our dollars and it won’t matter if Whites like or don’t like our movies.Yet one of the deleterious consequences of narrowly defining Black films as films with a majority Black cast that situates Whites in peripheral or non-influential roles is that we are too easily convinced that Black films only appeal to a small domestic niche market.There was an on stage interview with the acclaimed editor with clips from the various films he had worked on throughout his career.He amused the audience with juicy tidbits of behind the scenes encounters with various movie stars and directors of whom the audience was familiar.

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