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But military ordnance would once again come to the fore at the outbreak of the first World War.And on June 29, 1915, Beretta was awarded a history-making patent called Innovations for Automatic Pistols that would have far-reaching consequences for the firm.During the 1850s, the Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, as it was then known, produced between 250 and 350 sporting guns annually.Three decades later, at the beginning of the 1880s, production had increased to between 7,000 and 8,000.Inside, you’ll find a marriage of technology and handwork, where seven massive cold-forging machines, each with its own quartet of tireless hammers, smash steel tubes with a force of 100 tons, 1,600 times a minute—tubes fashioned from the company’s own proprietary steel.Yet the vast landscape of gleaming machinery is broken up by green oases of trees and plants, a reminder that even now, this is a family business with deep roots in the Italian countryside.

From sleek, black handguns to gold-inlaid, six-figure shotguns highly prized by hunters and collectors around the globe, the Beretta name carries instant prestige that speaks of skill, craftsmanship, elegant design and deadly accuracy.

In 1995, it opened its flagship Beretta Gallery on New York City’s Madison Avenue, solidifying its reputation as a true outdoor luxury lifestyle brand with a complete array of products for the sportsman and enthusiast.

More recently, it launched the Beretta Trident Program, a world-class collection of hunting, shooting and outdoor experiences that encompass some of the finest hunting lodges and safari camps on earth, from Argentina and Oregon to Scotland and Tanzania, where Beretta’s field pieces can be put to optimal use.

At heart, Beretta’s purpose has always been to enhance one’s experience of the outdoors.

Whether providing precisely manufactured, high-quality firearms to Olympic trap and skeet competitors, reliable, accurate and safe sidearms to military customers throughout the world or finely engraved shotguns that double as works of art, Beretta achieves levels of craftsmanship and design that far exceed mere customer satisfaction.

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