Ben cumberbatch dating

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Derrickson subsequently met with other "good" actors, including Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto and Ryan Gosling, but he still only wanted Cumberbatch to play the lead hero, leading Marvel to move just so Benedict Cumberbatch could star in it speaks volumes.They could have just as easily told Scott Derrickson to pick another actor and move along, but they were willing to wait a little longer so the director could have his proper vision for the lead realized.

Since then, he’s appeared in just about every major franchise thanks to his newfound star power.The actor’s great-grandfather was a general consul in Turkey and Lebanon in the Queen Victoria’s epoch.His parents give a special attention to the son’s education.because it clashed with him starring in a stage production of Hamlet.At this time, the movie was scheduled to begin production in autumn 2015 so it could be out by summer 2016.

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