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Melody tries her best to stay on top of her opponent but her lack of fight experience shows as she's easily outmaneuvered and once again put flat on her back with the evil Lily on top dropping bombs into Melody's cruelly exposed belly.

Try as she may, Melody puts up one hell of a good fight but there is little she can do to keep the inevitable from happening as Lily maliciously clamps her hand over Melody's face and puts the struggling girl out like a light, her eyes rolling to the back of her head like white flags of surrender....

Compiled from 3 fight clips, we find both Lily and Melody locked in dire combat, tearing away at each other as they seek to destroy one another.

Lily, known for her brutality and lust for pain inflicted on her victim, has the new girl on the defense early on in the first round.

Compiled from 4 videos clips, Aiden and Bobbie Blush face each other in 4 rounds of winner takes all brutal fight action.

Each segment ends in a decisive victory for the winner and a humiliating loss for the loser!

And Bobbie doesn't take pity on any of them what ever as she destroys one victim after another.

Known as one of the best trash talkers in the business, Bobbie never lets up with her condescending and taunting commentaries as she tortures her victims.

Lily is well known for her salacious tendencies towards her opponents, especially when she's in control of them.

Such is the fate for poor Nina who finds herself literally trapped in Lily's clutches and is made to suffer an especially cruel beat down with no chance of escaping her fate as the wicked Lily goes to town on her helpless victim.

But be careful that the student doesn't become the teacher!

Click for more details LF315 - BOBBIE'S REVENGE - featuring Bobbie Blush vs Masked Raven, Kitty Kaos and Tigra!

36 Minutes of action featuring sleeper hold KO's, HOM KO's, Grapevine pins, Test of Strength, belly punching, Figure 4 Leg Lock, cheap shots and more!

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