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Friendship politics aside, no one wants to sit there and watch an old boyfriend make out with anyone, much less someone you know.

This somewhat shocking reshuffling of Young Hollywood in a way that is very much not favorable to Bella Hadid (and the resulting vacuum of response from the rest of the women, be it via shade on the DL or outright calling-out—Bella's unfollowing of Selena notwithstanding) is just the latest piece of evidence that all is not right in Squadland.

And, as great as the fantasy is (or was), it's better for fans to have a more realistic ideal of female friendship; one in which women live full lives and use friends to better themselves, not just their careers.

Which, at first glance, seemingly breaks Girl Code (and, presumably, Squad Code) provision número uno not to date your friends' exes (and recent ex, at that). 's sources, Bella and Selena were more members of the same friend group and less friends with each other specifically, so any coupling between The Weeknd and Gomez isn't aimed at jealousy.

But, even if the hookup news weren't the cause of a monumental rift—because, let's face it, not everything having to do with a man having dated two women amounts in those women being pitted against each other—it still makes potential future hangouts super awkward.

Swift has been keeping a low profile since the breakup of Hiddleswift (and, God willing, working on a new album), Gigi Hadid has been deep in the throes of her Zayn Malik love affair, as well as having just completed a successful Victoria's Secret show alongside Bella.

Aldridge has a husband and a toddler as well as a modeling career, Dunham is about to launch the final season of Girls, and the list goes on.

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