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To no surprise, the rules have changed since Bon Jovi had long hair. And, women aren't necessarily looking to take a man home to mom.

There are three women to every man in the United States over age 18. Wear clothes that help you stand out from the crowd. Posting your high school picture on dating sites won't give you back the years. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "Would you date yourself? " Updating your style can help you start the physical transformation that gets you noticed. Divorces crush your confidence and leave you wondering if there's something wrong with you. After all, you miss having someone to come home to, talk to, have hot, good sex with and most importantly, share magical moments. You may still think you've "got it" but let's be real -- after years of marriage and divorce you're not what you used to be. You're wearing your favorite outfit that fit just right 20 pounds ago. Make sure you say and do things that communicate all the above points. What will set you apart is if you make a conscious decision to move forward. Dating apps are particularly interesting from an information security perspective because of the sensitivity of the behavior they protect.People are secretive about who they’re dating or hooking up with.

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