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Pitbull), performed with Joy Spears Samba-"Mas Que Nada" Sergio Mendes (ft.

The Black Eyed Peas), performed with Joy Spears (Joy eliminated) Waltz-"If I Were a Painting"-Kenny Rogers, performed with Aleksandra Wojda (Aleksandra eliminated) Contemporary-"Dance Dance" Fall Out Boy, performed with Ashlee Nino Pop-"Let Me" Rihanna, performed with Ashlee Nino (Ashlee eliminated) Lindy Hop-"Sing sing sing" Benny Goodman, performed with Donyelle Jones Samba-"Hey Mama" The Black Eyed Peas, performed with Donyelle Jones (Dmitry eliminated) Cooper is a dancer and fitness model who has had several television appearances and songs by him including both seasons of So You Think You Can Dance.

She auditioned for the series with partner Dmitry Chaplin and cousin Benji Schwimmer and all reached the top 20 contestants. Allison Holker is a contemporary jazz dancer and lyrical specialist from Orem, Utah, who appeared as a cheerleader in Disney's High School Musical.

Dances Performed: Week 1-Mambo-"Nina"Joe Cuba Sextet-With Musa Cooper Week 2-Contemporary"—Closer"Goapele W—ith Musa Cooper Week 3-Quickstep-"Zoot Suit Riot" Cherry Poppin' Daddies-With Musa Cooper Week 4-Disco-"Hot Stuff" Donna Summer-With Musa Cooper Week 5-Hip-Hop-"Promiscuous" Nelly Furtado (Ft.

Justin Timbaland-With Musa Cooper (Musa Eliminated) Week 6-Jazz-"Wonderful" India.

Timbaland), performed with Natalie Fotopoulos (Musa eliminated) Ellis is a jazz and lyrical specialist, and a dance teacher at DC Dance Factory.

She was eliminated from the competition in the first week.

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