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No code was changed, so it wasn't anything to do with sequencing of events etc (good idea though The Geek You Need.

As mentioned previously, the Url Master module uses several more update panels for some parts of the UI. Working backwards I figured out this was related to using an Update Panel in a Dot Net Nuke module control, and then marking that module as using ‘Enable Partial Rendering’ – or, in other words, place the module in an Update Panel.

I'm wondering if partial rendering is necessary in DNN 6.0. @tim - partial rendering is still used on DNN 6 as before, but due to changing to the Telerik updatepanel from the update panel, it's possible to get into trouble if trying to 'nest' them.

Rather than try and explain it, I’ll just show the code: This code goes into the On Init event of the DNN Module, and essentially allows the Update Panel to run normally for DNN 4 or 5, but runs in ‘Conditional’ mode for DNN 6.

By switching the update panel to ‘conditional’ mode, it will only run if a control within the update panel triggers an update.

I am new to [email protected] - you need to lookup creating a modal overlay using j Query.

I've done it with some other modules, I'll put it down as a topic for a new blog post at some point.

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