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Be sure to experience your surroundings to the fullest, by taking notice. Perhaps recall moments from your morning that went well.

Explicit and also sexual web content is urged to be kept in private conversation only.

Getting on with life despite what’s happened connects you to other people and activities, helps fill the void of loss, and can help you to heal.

In my book, Done With The Crying, tools, the latest research, and insight from more than 9,000 parents of estranged adults can help you move forward and heal. When you are betrayed by someone you love, perhaps particularly an estranged adult child who you nurtured and helped to shape, it’s as if the bottom falls out.

Acceptance has allowed me the freedom to be who I truly am: A strong woman blessed with many people, including four other adult children, to love and share my life with.

By accepting the sad reality of one adult child’s rejection, I can better spend my time and energy on people that want my company, on interests that are meaningful and fulfilling to me, and where I can make a difference.

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