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The best way to find your senior adult course is to visit the course search and select a term, then senior citizen courses.Senior centers also may advertise those courses listed at their centers; for those listings, contact the senior center.These classes are listed in the senior course section of the Schedule of Noncredit Classes and follow the same registration dates as all other noncredit open enrollment classes.Seniors and disabled retirees must register in person for senior adult courses meeting at senior centers by going to the Anne Arundel County Senior Activity Center where the course is held or by visiting the AACC Continuing Education registration counter in CALT 115 on the Arnold campus.The results of the study, to be published soon in the The Journal of Medical Internet Research, confirm what some of us already have experienced: Using the Internet can connect us with the people we care about and increase our ability to meet new people – all of which, of course, makes us feel less isolated and lonely.

Sign up for a network, connect with friends (you might even discover some old friends) and enjoy the results. Even when you study online, you’re part of a community, and coursework can connect you to students of all ages who share your interests.No financial aid or VA benefits can be awarded for an audited course. AACC offers a variety of professional certification and job training courses that are noncredit, meaning they do not lead toward a two-year degree or credit certificate.Such training may include truck driving, casino dealer school, real estate licensure, nurse refresher certification or family child care provider.For these tuition-waived courses, seniors pay registratation fee per course, plus any fees indicated in the course description and the out-of-county fee if applicable.Seniors residing out of the state must pay the full course cost (including tuition, registration and course lab fees) plus the out-of-county and out-of-state fees.

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