Accommodating travelling showpeople in england

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Boat of Garten also has the railway's only water column where the locomotives stop to take water on their way north through the station.There are two signal boxes, Boat of Garten North and Boat of Garten South and signalling uses traditional British Railways mechanical semaphore signalling; it is the crossing point on the line when there are two trains running.

The original purpose of the shed was to house locomotives for the lines to Perth and Inverness (via Carrbridge and Forres).

It was common for original Highland Railway engines to be allocated to the shed and in London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) days it housed Stanier Black Fives, Pickersgill Bogies (Caledonian Railway), Caley 439 tanks, Caley 812 classes, and Fairburn tanks.

In British Railways days the shed was allocated the shed code '60B'.

The track had been lifted and structures demolished by British Rail after closure of the line in the 1960s.

The railway passes though mainly farmland on the re-laid track, which was mostly recovered from Kincardine power station in Fife in the 1990s.

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