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Many of the developers and startup sites use the free versions.

We plan to release a support component that will also include a ticket system under gpl.

The answer is a definite “yes.” There are still many untapped niches that can support successful social networks.

With a suitable social network hosting application, anyone can develop a community website, dating site, or a thriving social network, from scratch.

Put simply, Status Net allows you to create an internal, Twitter-like network that people in your company can use to share information and collaborate.

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From stay-at-home moms to Fortune 500 corporations, users meet on social websites to share news, spread ideas, and simply hang out.

I have been using osdate for a couple years and joomla for a week osdate is great the one bad thing about it is they release updates before they should be really last update really messed things up for a minute.

I would suggest staying with the version available from the scripts page and not the version available in the forum.

Can anybody please give me an answer on the above as I am really struggling to get this information, your help is highly appreciated! Regards, Willem Spooren The reason why audio-video chat prices are high is generally because 1) it takes very good (expensive) Flash developers to develop them.2) video chat uses a lot of bandwidth on the server thus the hight prices of the video chat hosting solutions.

This could change soon tough as Adobe is working on a peer 2 peer video chat olution/technology that will eliminate the bandwidth cost for the video chat hosting providers!

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