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It has 24,000ha of a serpentine barren (periodyte) on the Santa Elena Península, which has existed for more than 85 million years above sea level.

to have undergone two distinct cycles of volcanic activity in the Permian.Link Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha: The late Cretaceous period, the Sichuan Movement, Emei original shape of the sedimentary layer of the level of deformation, displacement, there has been uneven degree of fold, faults of varying scale.Link Guanacaste: The geological diversity is also of interest.Since then cycles of erosion and rejuvenation have been at work and there are high cliffs of red porphyry, rhyoliths and basaltic pillars, considerably eroded by wave action.(AB ev)Purnululu National Park: The sandstone formation of the Bungle Bungle ranges is estimated to be 350 million years old, give or take a few millions.

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